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Importing mass data to generate social impact data

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Note: If you are using the importer tool to add data about participants, please make sure you have considered if it might be easier for you to invite participants to SportFin so we can collect the data for you directly - this is the easiest way to add data about your participants. Read this guide.

To use the importer tool, navigate to your club management tab, then click the "Add Data" button. From here you will be redirected to the data importer tool.

You can use the importer tool to:

  • Add data about the people who are a part of your club by uploading a CSV file.

  • Add multiple check-ins at once to add data for impact analytics.

Add Club Members/Participants

When selecting 'Add Club Members/Participants' you can upload a CSV file with member and participants data quickly and easily.

When preparing your CSV document, you may utilize the tools and information in the highlighted blue tab. Here you can find a downloadable CSV template to help guide you through what information is necessary.

Next, you need to match the columns in you CSV file to what data point they correspond to. Once you have marked all your columns and fixed errors that show up, you can import all your data by clicking the 'Import Data' button.

If you are using your own CSV file, make sure to include the required and recommended information for best impact data results.

Required Data Points

To import people, you will be required to provide the below data points for each person:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email address

  • Date of Birth

Data Points for Impact Analytics

You can further add the following data about each person in your CSV to allow us to generate impact analytics for them:

  • Gender: Select between:

    • 'Male'

    • 'Female'

    • 'Other'

  • Biological Sex: Select between:

    • 'Male'

    • 'Female'

  • Height (in centimeters): Positive Integer between 30 and 272.

  • Weight (in kilograms): Positive Integer greater than 3.

  • Ethnicity: Select between:

    • White - British

    • White - Irish

    • Traveller of Irish heritage

    • Any other white background

    • Gypsy / Roma

    • White and Black Caribbean

    • White and Black African

    • White and Asian

    • Any other mixed background

    • Indian

    • Pakistani

    • Bangladeshi

    • Chinese

    • Any other Asian background

    • Black Caribbean

    • Black - African

    • Any other Black background

    • Any other ethnic group

  • Participation Rate: Select between:

    • Less than 30 minutes per week

    • Between 30 to 89 minutes per week

    • Between 90 to 149 minutes per week

    • Over 150 minutes per week

  • First Line of Address: UK addresses only.

  • Second Line of Address: UK addresses only.

  • City/Town of Address: UK addresses only.

  • Postcode of Address: UK addresses only.

(Note: you will be able to find all this data in the blue support button on the 'Add club members/participants' section of the importer tool)

Fixing Errors

Should an error pop up when you import your data, you will have two ways of fixing it.

1. The first way to fix an error is through the drop down selection. This pop up will show up if you are able to select a data point from a set list of correct responses.

2. The second way to fix an error is through the fill in the text option. This will pop up if you have entered a data point outside the normal threshold. Once you have fixed the data point, you will be able to import the data.

Successfully Importing Data

Once all the information is completed and correctly put in, you may hit the 'Import Data' button to submit it and start generating your impact data.

Adding Check-Ins

In the data importer tool you also have ability to conduct check-ins for your activities. This new tool was developed to streamline and ease the process of check-ins.

After opening the importer tool, select 'Add Check-ins' button. You will automatically be directed to the page show in the image below.

Here you can create check-ins for staff and participants that attended multiple activities at once. Just select participants and staff by clicking on their name, and select the activities they attended by clicking on the activity names in the right.

Then, click the 'Add Check-Ins' button to create check-ins. After creating check-ins, your impact analytics will be generated.

Read this article to find out more about SportFin's impact analytics.

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