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Input data to generate social impact data for your sport club
Input data to generate social impact data for your sport club

Four steps to generate social impact data for your sport club on SportFin.

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Once you have created your club account on SportFin, you can generate social impact data for your club in 4 simple steps:

  1. Add a sport facilities where your club delivers sport activities.

  2. Add a sport activities that your club has delivered.

  3. Add participants and/or volunteers that engaged in that sport activity.

  4. Create a 'check-ins' for every participant/volunteer that engaged with your activities.

Each of these steps helps us collect key data points our impact analytics algorithm requires to generate impact analytics for your club.

Once these steps are completed you will have access to powerful analytics about the impact your sport club has generated for your community, and you can leverage this data in your fundraising efforts to raise up to 3x better.

Note: You can import data for generating the analytics through an existing dataset. Read more about our importer tool.

Let's Get Started

Login to your SportFin account, then navigate to your club account from 'Club admin at:' on the side navigation bar.

Adding a sport facility

In your club management portal, scroll to the 'Sport Facilities' section, and click the '+ Add Facility' button. This will take you to the facilities management page. Once on this page:

  • Add the name of the facility,

  • Select if the facility is an indoor or outdoor facility,

  • Add the full address of the facility,

  • Click 'Add Facility' to add the sport facility.

After adding, you can edit the facility by clicking on the facility name.

Add a sport activity

To add a sport activity that your club has delivered, navigate back to 'Club Management', then click the 'Add Activity' button. You will be taken to the activity management page.

You can add activities by completing the form on this page. When you click on each of the input boxes, tips will appear for that particular input.

There are three main things to consider when creating a sport activity on SportFin:

  • Activity Description: The activity description you add will be displayed on the activity page where individuals can join the activity from. This information will also be emailed to individuals when they join the activity. Add any important information individuals should know about this activity here.

  • Activity recurrence: If you have delivered/are going to deliver the same activities over multiple dates, you can add all of them in one go! If you want to add dates to your activity, scroll down the form and click 'Add Date'. If you want to make the activity recur on the same days every week, click 'Add Rule' to add a rule on which the activity recurs.

  • Activity Price: If you want to enable individuals to pay for the activity, add a price to the activity. If not, simply leave the price as 0.

    If your activity recurs over multiple dates, individuals can block-book for multiple dates.

    By default, the price for block booking is set as the price of an individual activity multiplied by the number of future dates it recurs. If you want to offer a discounted price for block booking to incentivise it, add a 'Block Booking Discount' when creating the activity.

Add Participants/Volunteers

To add participants/volunteers navigate back to 'Club Management' then select the 'People' tab. From here find the 'Club Staff/Volunteers' or 'Club Members/Participants' and click on the 'Invite Staff' or 'Invite Member' button.

You can add participants/volunteers by either:

  • Inviting them to manage their own account and information - You can invite by link or by email.

  • Adding their information and managing that information on your club management portal.

'Check-in' Participants/Volunteers to Activities

Once, you have created sport activities and added participants/volunteers, now you need to add data about which participants/volunteers engaged with which activities.

This is the last and crucial step to generate social impact data for you sport club.

To create check-ins:

  • Navigate back to 'Club Management',

  • Scroll down to 'Activity Schedule',

  • Select an activity that has already been delivered (check-ins cannot be added for activities in the future),

  • Scroll down to 'Check-in staff'/'Check-in participants' and click the '+' to check-in a volunteer or participant to that activity.

Make sure you add check-ins for every activity you have delivered, and add them for every activity you deliver in the future. This will ensure that your Impact Analytics stays up to date and you can leverage it fully in your fundraising efforts.

Your Impact Analytics

Your sport club's impact analytics will now be available in the 'Impact Analytics' tab of your club account. πŸŽ‰

Read more about Impact Analytics and how you can use them here.

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