Adding participants to your club

A quick guide on how to add participants to your sport club

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Now that you have set up your sport club and activities, all you need to do is invite members/participants to join. To do this you can use the yellow "Quick Start Guide Step 3" button or navigate to the "People" tab and select "Invite Members."

Options to add members/participants

You can choose to either add club members/participants manually or invite multiple club members/participants by providing their emails:

1. Adding members/participants manually

You can "Add Members" by manually entering their basic information and clicking the invite button. If you do not have access to these required data points for a person, but want to add them with other data points for reporting purposes, you can add a dummy email address and an estimated date of birth for that person.

To add all information you have on your participants, click the 'Pre-fill all details for this user' button.

2. Invite multiple people via email or link

You can add multiple people by simply sharing a link that allows your participants to sign up and join the club. Alternatively, you can enter/paste multiple email addresses in the box provided, and click the 'Invite button to invite them.

You have now successfully invited members to join your sport club. You may now begin to check in members for activities.

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