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Social impact analytics for sport organisations
Social impact analytics for sport organisations

A quick guide to SportFin's impact analytics tools for sport organisations

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SportFin gives your sport organisation access to powerful social impact analytics that can be used to tell impactful stories about the social value your organisation is generating, and leverage it to fundraise up to 3x better!

Once you have input the data required to generate impact analytics for your sport organisation account (see this guide), you can find data visualisations and auto-generated impact reports in you 'Impact Analytics' tab.

Your Analytics Tab

SportFin's impact analytics algorithm generates various data visualisations that depict the social impact your club is having on your community in terms of health, education and social capital improvement.

You can access these visualisations in the 'Analytics' tab along with data visualisations about the activities your organisation has delivered and people your organisation engages.

These visualisations can filtered by the impact outcomes, sport activities and characteristics of participants and volunteers, and can be embedded anywhere you want!

The Data Explorer

You can also generate you own data visualisations which can enable you to tell powerful stories about the people your organisation your organisation engages and the impact you are generating.

Learn more about the different visualisations you can create from this article here.

Impact Reports

Further, SportFin generates template impact reports that you can simply download or share to funders and stakeholders. These reports update automatically every time you add data to your account.

You can also use a rich-text editor to create your own impact reports with embedded data visualisations and other forms of media. You can then share links to these reports to your stakeholders, where the embedded data visualisations will update in real-time!

Impact Stories

You can use the impact stories feature to build you own reports/stories about the impact your organisation is generating for your community. In these stories you can embed the data visualisations that have been generated in the 'Analytics' section and embed videos and social media posts to personalise your 'Impact Story'.

Read more about creating and managing impact stories here.

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