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How to add participants to your account
How to add participants to your account

A quick guide on how to add participants to your organisation account.

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Three ways to add members/participants

You can choose to either:

  • Add club members/participants manually.

  • Invite multiple club members/participants by providing their emails.

  • Send out a link.

Required Infomation Points

The crucial information that you need to add when adding an individual is:

  • First and last name

  • Date of birth

  • Postcode

  • Biological Sex

What to do if you are missing information

  • If you do not have access to these required data points for a person but want to add them with other data points for reporting purposes, you can add a dummy email address and an estimated date of birth for that person.

You can add an individual person, without the rest of the information though we advise adding as much information as possible to create accurate social impact analytics. Missing data can impact the graph visualisations that help highlight your club's unique social impact.

Read this article to find out more about how SportFin's impact analytics can help your organisation.

1. Adding members/participants manually

  • You can add members manually from the 'Add Members' dropdown in 'Club Management > People' by entering their basic information (from the 'Add' option).

  • To add all the information you have on your participants, click the 'Pre-fill all details for this user' button.

2. Invite multiple people via a link

  • You can add multiple people by simply sharing a link that allows your participants to sign up and join the club.

  • You can share this link with any pre-existing group, add it to your email list or add it to your website making inviting members to sign up super easy.

  • To share the link by pressing the copy symbol next to the link highlighted below.

3. Invite multiple people via email

  • You can type in individual emails or copy and paste multiple email addresses.

  • Once you have finished adding your email addresses, in the box highlighted below, click the 'Invite button to invite them to join the platform.

Once you have successfully invited members to join your sport club. Read our guide on how to check members into activities.

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