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Check-in members and staff to activities
Check-in members and staff to activities

A guide on how to check-in members and staff for activities

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Checklist to complete before checking in members and staff:

Watch this walkthrough on the multiple ways you can add a check-in.

To create a check-in:

  • Select the "Club Management" tab and then navigate to your calendar.

  • Select an activity that has already been delivered.

  • Scroll down to the "Check-In Staff" or "Check-In Participants" section and press the "+" icon.

Two ways to check in members

  • Select and click on each member that had attended the activity in the drop-down.

  • Search for members to check-in by typing their names into the search bar.

    Complete your check-in by pressing the "Check-In Members" button.

You have now successfully checked in members and staff on an activity. You can also do this in bulk using our data importer tool.

You are now able to see your organisation's impact analytics. Read this article to discover how to use SportFin's impact analytics to help your organisation.

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