How to send Emails using SportFin

A quick guide to sending emails to your club participants, staff or administrators

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This article will give you a quick overview on how to email your club participants, staff or administrators from SportFin.

Watch this walkthrough on how to email your members:

To get started, navigate to your 'Club Management' section and then go to the 'People' tab.

  • Click 'People' tab, click on the 'Email' button at the top of your screen.

This will open a pop-up that allows you to enter a subject line and some email content. You can also choose which group of people you can send this email to from the dropdown provided.

Once you send the email, you can see if the email has been sent by clicking on a person's information in Club Management > People.

Emails can only be sent to groups currently ('Member/Participants', 'Staff' and 'Administrators').

Note: Emails will be sent from [email protected] as a club message.

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