Adding activities for your sport club

A simple guide to adding activities for your sports club

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After setting up a facility, you are now ready to schedule activities for your sport club. From the "Club Management" tab you can use either the "Quick Start Guide Step 2" or select the "Create New Activity' button on the activities tab.

(Note: you will not be able to accept payments until you set up and log into your clubs account on our payment processors Stripe's pages)

From here you can now add all the details of your designated activity:

  1. Name (Set the name of this activity.)

  2. Recurrence (Here you can select if this is a one time activity or you can select "Add Rule" where you can schedule a recurring event.)

  3. Start Time (Set the start time of the activity. You can click the numbers in the pop-up or the icon to quick-select a time.)

  4. End Time (Set the end time of the activity. You can click the numbers in the pop-up or the icon to quick-select a time.)

  5. Price (Set the price for this activity for one individual. Individuals will be able to discover this activity through SportFin and book it at this price. If you do not want set a single session price for this activity, set price as 0, and it will not be available for purchase.)

  6. Block booking discount amount (With this, you can add a discount for those who wish to sign up for all the recurring events and pay up front)

  7. Description (Describe this activity to your participants and add all relevant information participants need to know about this activity here...)

  8. Purpose (Select "Development of Sport" in Purpose if you are delivering this activity purely to promote participation in sport/physical activity. Select "Development through Sport" if you are delivering this activity as part of a targeted programme to generate social outcomes through sport/physical activity.)

  9. Type (Select "Individual" in Type if you can participate in the activity as an individual. Select "Team" if you can only participate in this activity as a team.)

  10. Activity Type (Select the sport/physical activity that most closely matches the type of activity you will be delivering. This section helps us understand the amount of energy spent by participants in this activity (along with accounting for duration and other individual characteristics).)

  11. Select Facility (Select which facility this activity will be delivered in. You will have to create a facility before creating an activity- you can create a facility from "Club Management.")

Once you have completed all the fields above, you will have successfully completed setting up an activity. Now you can begin to invite members.

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