Create a sport club account on SportFin

A quick guide on how to create a sport club account on SportFin.

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You can create a sport club account on SportFin in 3 simple steps. First, you will have to create an individual SportFin account so that you can manage the club account you create as an administrator. Click on the below button to get started:

Please select 'I want to create an adult account for myself' and fill out the form that pops out to create your individual account. After creating your account, please select 'I am looking to setup my club's account' to advance to create a sport club account.

On the 'Create a Sport Club Account' page, click the circle to add your sport club logo as your profile picture, and click the rectangle to add a cover photo that depicts your club delivering a sport activity (add an image with a 16:9 aspect ratio for best results).

Next, add you club's name and add a brief description of your club (300 characters maximum). When you click on the 'Add a description for your club profile' box, tips will show up on what you can add in your club's profile description.

And that is it, your club account is now created! 🎉

After your account is created, just follow the product tours that pop-up to fully setup your club account.

Your Club Account

All of this information will displayed on your public profile on SportFin. You can edit the information you add at anytime by clicking the 'Edit Profile Information' button on your profile.

Read this guide to learn how to generate impact data for your club on SportFin:

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