How to find and sign up for an activity

Quick and simple guide to signing up for activities.

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To sign up for a sport club activity, you will want to navigate through either the search bar at the top of your screen or the map at the bottom of the page to find your desired sport club.

From your sport clubs home page, scroll down to the calendar and select the date of the activity you wish to join.

To officially join the activity, you will need to complete the pop up. Here you should check any of the medical boxes that apply to you (This is for first aid requirements). If none of them apply to you just leave them blank.

Please note the consent box is required to allow staff at the venue to administer first aid. Once you have ticked this box, you will be allowed to either pay to join the activity or register and pay at the venue.

Then, you will have the option to either 'Pay and Join the Activity' or 'Register and Pay at Venue' (if the activity is set for online payments only, this option will not be visible), which will allow you to sign up for the activity.

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