Adding brand colors to your club account

Customizing your club profile with your colors

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SportFin has heard your requests and now allows you to customize your club profile page! In just 3 easy steps you can add color preferences to represent your club. First, head to your club page and select the 'Club Profile' button highlighted below.

From here, use the 'Edit Profile' option to have access to changing your clubs primary and secondary brand colors. This will be located just below your clubs brief overview.

When selecting colors you have 3 options:

  1. Type your desired colors code. (Format: #XXXXXX as shown below in red boxes)

2. Using the color selection tool you can adjust and find the color of your liking.

3. You may use the eye dropper tool in the color selection window to match any color on your screen. (You can pick colors from images such as your clubs badge or logo)

Once your desired colors are selected, feel free to save the them and upgrade your club profiles appearance. You have now successfully added brand colors to your clubs profile.

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