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Writing and posting impact stories

Guide to posting and editing your clubs impact stories.

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Impact stories are a great way to share the impact your sport organisation is generating. By utilizing this tool, you can personalise the 'Impact Story' you want to depict and showcase how your organisation is changing lives in your community.

To create your first impact story start by navigating to your 'Impact Analytics' tab and make your way to the 'Stories' tab.

From the 'Stories' tab you will have two options:

  1. Hit the 'Add Story' button to start a new impact story.

  2. Select a 'Published Impact Story' or 'Draft Impact Story' to see and edit existing impact stories.

Creating Impact Stories

If you selected the 'Add Story' button, you will be directed to a page where you can create your impact stories. In here, you will be able to start building your impact stories, embed videos, social media posts and your impact data.

You can embed videos or social media posts by just adding a link to it with the 'Insert Media' drop down on the tool bar. You can also embed your club's impact analytics using the 'Insert HTML' button on the tool bar (see how to below).

Once you are done writing your impact story, you can either 'Save' as draft, or 'Publish' your impact story by clicking the respective buttons at the bottom of the page.

Embedding Impact Data Visualisations

To get the embed code for your impact data visualisations, navigate to the 'Analytics' tab and select your desired chart or data visualisation you wish to embed.

Clicking the '</> Embed this graph' button will copy the embed code for the graph and allow you to paste the code in your impact story.

Now navigate back to the impact story you are building, click the HTML button shown in the image below, and paste the embed code in the box that appears.

After pasting the code, click the 'βœ…' button in the box to embed the data visualisation in your story.

Embedding Videos and Social Media Posts

If you would like to embed YouTube videos or social media posts in your impact story, click the 'Insert Media' button in the toolbar as shown in the image below.

Just paste the link for your video or social media post in the box that appears (as shown below), and click the 'βœ…' - your video/social media post should then be embedded into your story.

Editing your Impact Stories

If you wish to edit your impact stories, all you have to do is navigate to a published or draft impact story and select the 'Edit Story' button. Here you will be able to edit, unpublish, or delete the story.

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