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Features to Empower Community Sports Organisations
Features to Empower Community Sports Organisations

Release Notes for SportFin v0.0.346

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SportFin has four unique features designed to enhance data management and communication capabilities. Our stand-out features include custom data visualisation, a rich text editor, an export data feature, and a mass email feature.

Custom data visualisations

With SportFin's custom data visualisation feature, community sports organisations can create powerful charts and graphs to showcase the impact of their sports activities. This feature can be used to provide insights into participant demographics, activity levels, and more, empowering organisations to make data-driven decisions.

Real-time reports

The rich text editor allows organisations to create custom impact reports that update in real-time, making it easy to communicate the impact of sports activities to stakeholders and donors. This feature promotes transparency and accountability, making it easier for organisations to secure funding and build relationships with stakeholders.

Data Exports

SportFin's export data feature allows organisations to download data about their participants and activities, making it easy to conduct further analysis or share data with other stakeholders. This feature provides organisations with valuable insights into their operations and can be used to inform decision-making.

Email Feature

Finally, the mass email feature enables organisations to communicate effectively with their participants by sending HTML emails through the SportFin platform. This feature makes it easy to inform participants about upcoming events, new programmes, and other important updates, helping to increase engagement and participation.

We are excited to launch these new features, which have been designed to empower community sports organisations on our unified platform. With these new features, SportFin continues to support community sports organisations in their mission to promote health, well-being, and social impact through sports.

Our mission is to provide technology solutions that make it easier for organisations to manage their operations, engage with participants, and make data-driven decisions, all in one place.

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